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75m2 air-conditioned, soundproof and flexible in terms of lighting and backgrounds for an overflowing audiovisual creativity, completed by a small studio for voice-over recording and sound mixing. A space that can also be rented by professionals!


Personal or group photo, for postulations, professional profiles or souvenir, it is the eye of the photographer, the quality of the reception and the technical equipment which highlights you.


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There are stories that need to be told because they bring hope, because they show us another perspective, open our eyes, help us live. It is always with passion and conviction that Teenergy has worked to bring people, issues and natural realities to the screen with a popular and solution-oriented perspective. More than 50 selections and awards in international film festivals and broadcasts by TV5 Monde and RTS have rewarded this intensive teamwork. 


In the beginning was the idea. A story to research, develop, document. Presentations to be made, financing to be secured. Places and people to discover, to tame, to prepare. Plans to be drawn up, authorizations to be obtained, teams to be put together and 1000 other sometimes tedious but essential details. 


This is the moment when the imagined story is written a second time, punctuated by unforeseen events, such as the weather, health problems, technical problems...

It is also the most intense moment - landscapes can be sublimated by a captured sunset, an animal so difficult to find can honor us by showing itself for a few moments, a person interviewed sometimes reveals himself and touches us. Then the cold at 3000 m of altitude, the heat of the summer, the fatigue of long hours on the road, the intense concentration and the well loaded backpacks carried for long distances are forgotten.


Storing, derushing, synchronizing, cutting and assembling are some of the key words that accompany us during long hours in front of computers and screens.

The final step of "make-up" of the images to equalize, correct and give the desired look in accordance with the project. All that remains is to export the final result to show it proudly to the world.


With an experience of more than 7 years in piloting and shooting, equipped with a professional DJI Inspire drone and 2 4K optics, the perspective "seen from the sky" enriches our achievements. Shooting also possible on order.


Sharing knowledge and skills has always been part of Teenergy's DNA. Whether it's CFC commercial employee and IMD training, internships, ePortfolio training, teambuilding communication days or coaching, Teenergy is committed to the new generation.


The e-portfolio represents the future of the CV as we know it today. A digital, original and customizable way to present yourself to a potential employer by highlighting your personality, your skills and your professional background in a complete and structured way. Highlight your skills by using documents, illustrations and even media.

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Both internally and externally, communication is crucial for every company. Dedicating time to improve it is what Teenergy proposes through team-building days that reveal strengths and weaknesses, outline solutions and encourage progress.


Accompanying a person or company in processes of change and crisis with a benevolent and external view to facilitate the transition and regain confidence. Service available upon request.



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